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Hawthorne House


Hawthorne House, a local fashion boutique in Vaughan, Ontario noticed that their website was not converting to in-store traffic. They wanted to hire a consultant to assess why visitors were not going in the store.

Strategy & Solution:

After hiring us, we performed a website audit and got to monitor clicks, traffic, search engine optimization, and bounce rate. After looking at Google Analytics, we saw that most of their website traffic was coming from the United States of America, but being a local shop in Vaughan, Ontario, that did not help. We found out that there was a similar store in USA and needed to differentiate through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We then saw the proper traffic coming in, and a surge in new visitors due to the local optimization. Hawthorne House did not have a mobile website and 60% of traffic was coming from mobile devices.


We fixed the search engine optimization of the pages and got the right traffic, lowering the bounce rate by 12%. We then took it one step further by making the website mobile optimized. People on mobile devices were leaving the website because it was too hard to read anything on the site or seeing the fashion they have in the store. Once converted, we saw the bounce rate decrease by 33% in total. Additionally, Louise, the store owner had said that she has noticed more people coming in the store asking for items they saw on the website.

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