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Miele Media works with a lot of dental offices for reputation management and website design. Recently, we got the chance to help a dental clinic in Austin, Texas grow their business by $5,632 by only spending $67.33 through Facebook Ads. These numbers are real, we will show screenshots below.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take these kind of returns any day for my clients.

I’m about to walk you through exactly how it was done. You will see the Facebook Ads Manager screen shot, the advertisement, the landing page, and the secret thank you page. 

What else did the campaign deliver?

59 Email Subscribers 

32 Facebook Page Likes

We used Facebook Ads to sell the dental clinics teeth cleaning service for $10 and then offered an Xray for FREE if they clicked through all the way.

The audience we targeted: 

Facebook Ads Dental Case Study

  • People living within 15 miles of Austin, Texas
  • Men and Women
  • Aged 19 to 60

And that was it. From this, we had an audience of 950,000 people. 

We then created the ad:

$10-Facebook-Cleaning Ad

When a user clicked through, they landed on the Landing of the their website, it looked like this:


Once the user clicked “GIVE ME MY FREE VOUCHER” we simply had them enter the following details:

1. Name:

2. Phone:

3. Email:

Most people would stop there with Facebook Ads. They successfully created the ad, targeted the right audience, and got people to sign up for there offer. However, we didn’t stop there.

We took the user to a thank you page, and the thank you page looked like this:



We were able to get people to take immediate action and get them in the clinic within 2-7 days. X-Rays were a technology the clinic used to up sell more services.

So, lets review the financials:

The clinic spent $67.33 on the Facebook Ads and generated $5,632 from the up sell services that they were able to offer the patients. This is what we call the “Value Ladder”.


Even though the dental clinic gave away their teeth cleaning at $10, they were able to break even when 1 person went for a second yearly cleaning.

The dental clinic projects a retention of 64% for the clients they acquired during our campaign. 

How can your Dental Clinic get started with Facebook Ads?

1. Find a target audience

This is usually a radius that you target around your dental office. For example, you can put your address in the target and have a 15 mile radius. You will want to play with the age and gender that you are targeting. We have seen success with targeting ages 19-60. When it comes to gender, it is best to create an ad that is targeted towards men and an ad that is targeted toward women. Using this strategy, you will optimize your click through rate and have ads that directly appeal to them, instead of only appealing to maybe 50%.

2. Create your offer

Talk to the dentists in the office and find out what your clinic can afford to offer. You are going to want to offer something of amazing value for people to even click in the first place. Remember, it is great to think of an “immediate action” up sell too. In the campaign we ran above, you saw that we had the X-Ray if they booked now, you will want something along those lines. If you do not utilize the “act immediately” product, then you will notice a great amount of people drop off and don’t end up booking with you, or just don’t show up. People get busy and they tend to forget to book the cleaning with you for $10, and by the time they remember, they will think it’s too late.

3. Create the funnel

If you do not know how to do graphics or create a funnel, it is best to hire someone. You will want to hire someone that can do graphics and build funnels, which, in most cases amounts to a local digital marketing company. Have them create the graphics, ad copy and the landing page, thank you page and email follow up sequence that you will have for the visitor going onto your website.

4. You are ready to launch

You are now just about ready to launch. We recommend that you try this campaign with a minimum of $100. Depending on your town, you may need more or less. However, understand how many seats you have available during the day and do not overbook yourself. The people who have been overbooked will not come back and you will spend wasted ad money on them. Facebook has a feature where you can turn off the add instantaneously, so ensure you use that if you get a good take rate right away.

See If You Are A Right Fit

As you can see, Facebook Ads can be difficult to run.

There are Facebook Pixel’s, retargeting your clients to get leads under $0.50 and even ways to segment your audience to exactly what their interests are.

We are now taking applications to work with Dental Offices. We are only working with 1 Dental Office Per Region (State, Province, Country in some cases). In order to find if you are the right fit, fill out the application below:

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