Green Apple Implant & General Dentistry

Green Apple Dental approached Miele Media to work on increasing their overall online presence to generate local patient leads. From a website redesign, to social media implementation, to our proprietary reputation management software, MieleReputation, we handled it all!

A Custom Experience

Miele Media provided Green Apple Dentistry with a custom service, where we managed all the marketing initiatives for the dental clinic.

Miele Media implemented a “dental social signs” program, where patients are able to take a picture with a funny sign after their visit, it then gets posted to Facebook and winners are drawn every month. Since this program has been implemented, Green Apple has become known in the local area by all of the residents as being a friendly, fun, and professional dental clinic.

Miele Media also implemented MieleReputation, which is our proprietary software that helps businesses get organic 5-star reviews from their patients or clients. We were able to generate 56, 5-star reviews in just under 2 months!

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Designed by Miele Media| Client: Green Apple Dental