Jolene Blackbourn Website Design

Jolene is a serial entrepreneur and an extraordinary person, with 3 businesses and children! Before she came to Miele Media, she was using an out of the box template from a website builder, and didn’t even have her own custom domain. She wanted to create 4 websites, but someone have them all in one. We decided to create her main personal brand,, and have 3 sites connected, each representing her business.

Four Websites

Jolene needed each business page to have their own look and feel, while still maintaining a similar, overarching theme to her personal brand. We created 1 main website, and attached 3 sub domains to it. A client could easily go to a specific business website, or they could go to her personal site and learn what she was up to.

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Designed by Miele Media| Client: Jolene Blackbourn