Facebook Ads For 5 Day Challenge By Mr. Explainer

Lee Hill, or otherwise known as “Mr. Explainer” creates explainer videos and has several online courses. Today, he is consultant for many businesses worldwide. He has established his brand in many countries, but had trouble breaking into the Canadian market. He came to Miele Media with a course, “Ditch The Job: How To Start An Online Freelance Business in 5 Days”, and it was our job to sell it.

Media Buying with Facebook Ads

Mr. Explainer promoted his courses to his warm audience, which mostly consisted of people living in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. He wanted to break into the North American market, with a push in the Canadian market due to the employee trends.

After discussing what the course was about, who it would help, and how they could take it, we constructed an ideal candidate for the course. We then used Facebook Ads to target the ideal candidate, and the results were great!


We were able to generate 157 signups to the course with only spending $76.39 in Facebook Ads!

Totalling $0.49 per sign up to the course!

At the end of the course, Mr. Explainer converted 24 people to the high ticket, one-on-one coaching program valued at $500.

$76.39 turned into $12,000!

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Designed by Miele Media| Client: Mr. Explainer